Individual custom syntheses
Fine organic synthesis for diagnostics and pharmaceuticals
R&D and process development for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients according to Ph.Eur., USP, HAB, DAB
Synthesis of compounds for screening and pharmacological studies
Custom synthesis of complex organic molecules
ASMF preparation according to the EU requirements
Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Reference Substances and Impurities
Elaboration of high pressure reaction conditions (up to 130 atm)

Available analytical resources (in collaboration with Riga Technical University and other contract laboratories):

300 MHz NMR spectrometer
Gas chromatographs (FID, MSD)
IR spectrometer
Differential Scanning Calorimeter / Thermal Gravimetric Analysis
UV/VIS spectrophotometer
Elemental analysis
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
X-ray powder diffraction spectrometer